Shelbyville Indiana Catholic Music

At St. Joseph, all music ministry is currently handled by dedicated volunteers who love music and who want to share that love with our congregation. We are fortunate to have a large variety of musical talents and musical styles to accompany all of our Masses. Thank you for allowing all of us to bring the joy of Music to our St. Joseph’s Church Family.

Please contact one of the below if you’re interested in joining, or follow the button below.

  • Organists: Curtis Davies (317) 392-0123 or (317) 401-0228, Richard Gray (317) 392-3387, Carolyn Disser (317) 512-5091
  • Choir: Carolyn Disser (317) 512-5091
  • Schola:  Elizabeth Duffy
  • Resurrection Choir (funerals):  Loretta Eckstein (317) 392-1323 or Richard Gray (317) 392-3387
  • Hispanic Music Group: James Edward Velez (317) 364-8069

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