Catholic School Shelbyville INThe Catholic Church has a great gift in its massive Catholic School System.  Countless nuns spent their whole lives building the schools we now enjoy and benefit from.  We are blessed to have a Catholic school as one of the many ministries we offer at St. Joseph.

As in all parishes with parochial schools, our school is our main ministry for educating and forming our children in the faith.  In the halls of our school, the faith is taught at each grade level.  Students not only take religion classes, but Christian principles are integrated into all subjects, from language arts to math to science.  Catholicism is in the air that the students breathe.  The school has an atmosphere of faith and love, and students learn the virtues here mostly by seeing them being lived out in the daily life of the school

Students who attend St. Joseph are taught religion at each grade level.  This includes sacramental preparation for those preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

For more information about our school, please visit the school website.