Middle School Youth Group
All middle schoolers attend classes at 

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Middle schoolers attend classes on Sunday mornings from 11am – 12pm as a part of the Religious Education Program.

However, Middle School students are also heavily encouraged to take part in a monthly enrichment activity. Each month, the enrichment opportunity involves something spiritual, social, and or service-oriented.  

  • September
    Sept 28, 4pm – 9pm
    Assist with Oktoberfest

  • October
    Oct 26 10am – 3pm
    Marian University and Urban Air

  • November
    St. Anthony Food Pantry

  • December
    Dec 15 at 6pm
    Carolling to shut ins

  • January
    SVDP store help

  • February 
    St. Francis Hospital Visit

  • March
    Mother of the Redeemer Farm in Bloomington

  • April
    Shrine of Christ’s Passion

  • May
    Holiday World and St. Meinrad