Q. What is Family Faith Formation?
A. Family Faith Formation is a new program that is growing quickly in parishes across the US. It is designed to help parents respond to the Church’s call to be the “first and foremost educations of their children.” The purpose is to aid families as they grow in their love and knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Family Faith Formation provides parents with the tools needed not only to teach their faith, but to live it. The program meets here at church once a month, but the rest of the work takes place in the home with materials given by the parish.

At the monthly FFF night, we start with 5pm Mass, share a meal, and then the students go to grade-level classrooms for their lesson while the parents gather together for a teaching by Fr Mike on the topic for the month. After the topic presentation, a presenter goes through the home lesson packets with the parents to help them for the work that is to be done at home in the remaining weeks of the month. We end with adoration in the church. .

One thing we know—if the faith is not lived DAILY in the home, if it is not talked about at the dinner table, if it is not practiced in the family consistently, if it is not supported by traditions and activities, if it is not modeled by the parents—it will probably be lost. Family Faith Formation helps immensely in this.

Q. What happened to REP?
A. As was announced a few weeks ago in the bulletin, Family Faith Formation is the new Religious Education Program here at St. Joe. This decision was made after much prayer and consultation.

Q. When does it start?
A. Everything – Family Faith Formation, middle school, Confirmation prep – it all starts up in August. Sign up now and you’ll get plenty of info in your email with details.

Q. I like the weekly style better. Can my child be enrolled in the religion classes at St. Vincent?
A. We are one happy family. We welcome St. Vincent families to Family Faith Formation here at St Joe, and St Joe families are more than welcome to St. Vincent weekly Wednesday classes. But please still fill out the form so we know what your plans are.

Q. Can I sign up for both St. Vincent classes AND Family Faith Formation?
A. That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day!

Q. My child goes to St. Joe School but I still want to do Family Faith Formation. Can I?
A. YES!!! And it’s free for St. Joe School students.

Q. Is Middle School part of Family Faith Formation or not?
A. The program was not designed for middle school. However, we have decided to have our new middle school youth group meet at the same time as Family Faith Formation. This youth group, while designed to be fun, is also catechetical, and resources (including books) will be used this year. The middle school group will also have plenty of other opportunities during the month to gather and have fun or do service projects. Naturally, parents of middle schoolers are still encouraged to attend the parent sessions.

Q. What about Confirmation classes?
A. St. Vincent and St. Joe’s will have classes together at the same time. As indicated on the reverse side, the classes will meet twice a month, alternating locations.

Q. What about the high school youth group?
A. That will continue to meet Sunday nights at 6:00. No need to register for that.

Q. I don’t have any kids, but I want to attend the dinner and Fr. Mike’s sessions. Can I?
A. Totally! All are welcome here.

Q. Can I register online or do I need to use the hard copy form?
A. Either way. You can register online right here