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Dear Friends,

Our faith community has an immense desire to be a community of prayer and to grow spiritually through prayer. Sacred Scripture offers us a masterpiece of prayer, The Book of Psalms. The purpose of the Fall Book Study is to nurture our faith community’s desire for better prayer life by becoming more familiar and gaining greater understanding of the Psalms.

The book for this season is Psalm Basics for Catholics; Seeing Salvation History in a New Way; author John Bergsma. Classes will be held each Sunday and Wednesday for the six weeks beginning on Wednesday, October 9th at 7PM and Sunday, October 13th at 11 AM (ending on November 13th & 17th). You may attend either class or both classes each week. The Wednesday class will meet in the St. Joseph School cafeteria. The Sunday class will meet in the St. Joseph School in Mrs. Vogel’s classroom.

There are three registration options:
1) The St. Joseph Parish website; 2) E-mail me at [email protected]; 3) Call me at (812) 343-1749 (leave a message). Please, indicate whether you plan to attend the Wednesday or Sunday class. The books will be furnished by St. Joseph Parish. If you wish, you can purchase the book via the typical Internet outlets.

Books and study guides are available at the St. Joseph Parish office and are available after the weekend Masses until October 6th.

If you cannot commit to attending the study classes, you are welcome and encouraged to study on your own, as a family or as an independent study group.

In advance of the first class, please, read the Introduction, Chapters 1 and 11 and prepare your answers to the study guide questions.

Blessings and Peace,
Deacon Tom

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