RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The Church is always growing!  Praise God!  Catholics interested in joining the Church, no matter their certainty, are welcome to attend our RCIA classes.  Current Catholics wishing to learn more are also welcome.  Learn more and find a registration form here.

Mondays with Father – Bible Study in Parish Hall at St. Vincent de Paul Parish

10:00-11:00am every Monday!  COME JOIN!  No homework. 

Deacon Tom’s Book Studies

Deacon Tom Hill leads a book study each Fall and another one each Lent. A committee prays about the book to be chosen each year. Book studies meet on both Sundays and Wednesday (you can attend either, the same thing is presented twice a week).  Watch the bulletin for information. 

Adult Education Nights

We will be hosting four adult education evenings throughout the course of the coming year. Mark your calendars for the following evenings. Each night the talk will begin at 5 p.m. 
September 8: Personality types and prayer styles, Fr. Mike
November 17: Exorcisms, Fr. Vince Lampert
January 19: Marriages & Annulments, Fr. Joe Newton
March 29: Baptism and New Life, Dcn. Tom

Annual Men’s Retreat at St. Meinrad 

Need to get away?  Rest in the Lord?  Come with Fr. Mike and Dcn Tom on a retreat to St. Meinrad Archabbey. They lead a retreat each year in December for the men of the parish. Enjoy some quiet prayer with the monks, a tour and some reflections from a monk, and some beautiful times of prayer, rest, and relaxation.  Dates in bulletin. 

Small Groups

During Advent and Lent, two very sacred times in the Church year, we will have small faith sharing groups.  More information to come as those seasons approach. 

Adult Faith Formation During Religious Education Program Times

While students are attending their own classes on Sundays from 11am – 12pm, adult faith formation takes place for English-speaking parents and Spanish-speaking parents.  All are welcome to attend these sessions, but parents are especially encouraged to attend. This affords everyone the ability to enrich their own faith.

Other Opportunities

Parish mission
Lenten Series
Adult Education Nights