RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The Church is always growing!  Praise God!  Catholics interested in joining the Church, no matter their certainty, are welcome to attend our RCIA classes.  Current Catholics wishing to learn more are also welcome.  Learn more and find a registration form here.

Fall Retreat at St. Meinrad – Date TBD

Need to get away?  Rest in the Lord?  Come with Fr. Mike and Dcn Tom on a retreat to St. Meinrad Archabbey.  Enjoy some quiet prayer with the monks, a tour and some reflections from a monk, and some beautiful times of prayer, rest, and relaxation.  Info and signup TBD

Mondays with Father – Bible Study in Parish Hall at St. Vincent de Paul Parish

10:00-11:00am every Monday!  COME JOIN!

Deacon Tom’s Fall Book Study

The 2018 Fall Book Study is My Life with the Saints, by Fr. James Martin, SJ.

Classes will be held each Sunday and Wednesday for six weeks beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 PM and Sunday, Oct. 7th at 11:45 AM (ending on Nov. 7th& 11th). You may attend either class or both classes each week. Classes will meet in the St. Joseph School cafeteria.

There are three registration options: 1) Online here; 2) E-mail me at thill@sjsshelbyville.org; 3) Call me at (812) 343-1749 (leave a message). Please, indicate whether you plan to attend the Wednesday or Sunday class. The book can be purchased on the Internet via the following website address: https://www.loyolapress.com/my-life-with-the-saints-by-james-martin-sj-hc.htm. The study guide is available via the same web page. The study guide will, also, be posted on the St. Joseph Parish website. If you want to purchase a book but do not have Internet access, indicate that when you register by phone. You will be assisted with ordering the book.

If you cannot commit to attending the study classes, you are welcome and encouraged to purchase the book to study on your own, as a family or as an independent study group.

In advance of the first class, please, read Chapters 1-3 and prepare your answers to the questions for Week 1 of the study guide

Small Groups

During Advent and Lent, two very sacred times in the Church year, we will have small faith sharing groups.  More information to come as those seasons approach. 

Adult Faith Formation During Religious Education Program Times

Parents of children enrolled in the Saturday evening Family Faith Formation program meet with Fr. Mike and Deacon Tom while the students are in their classes.  This affords parents a great chance to enrich their own faith while classes are going on.  School families are more than welcome to attend Family Faith Formation as well….students and parents.

Parents of children enrolled in the Sunday Religious education program also have an adult education opportunity.  While the students are in their classes from 11:30 – 12:45, parents are invited to meet downstairs in the lower level of the church for a bible study.  School families are more than welcome to attend this as well….students and parents.

Other Opportunities

Family Faith Formation- all are welcome, whether you have children or not
Parish mission
Lenten Series
Other ideas