LENT BOOK STUDY: Jesus’ Journey to the Cross, A Love unto Death by by Jeanne Kuhn

The study for this Lent is Jesus’ Journey to the Cross, A Love unto Death, by Jeanne Kuhn. Classes will be held each Sunday and Wednesday of Lent. Classes will begin on Sunday, Feb. 18th at 11:45 AM and Wednesday, Feb. 21st at 7 PM. You may attend either class or both classes each week. Tentatively, the book cost is $10/book. However, the number books ordered may reduce the book cost.

Registrations will be taken after each Mass on the weekends of January 13/14 and 20/21 at St. Vincent and St. Joseph Churches. You, also, may register by e-mailing me at thill@sjsshelbyville.org or calling me at (812) 343-1749 (Please, leave a message). Payment for the book will be accepted once the books are available (hopefully, by February 3/4).

If you cannot commit to attending the study classes, you are welcome and encouraged to purchase the book to study on your own, as a family or as an independent study group. Encountering God’s Word is life changing and life giving. Come, follow Jesus, join this study and walk with Jesus on his journey to the Cross. “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God” (Romans 12:2).

Prayers, Blessings and Peace,
Deacon Tom

FREE FALL BOOK STUDY: Have you been resisting using your Easter gift “Resisting Happiness” book?

Resist no longer! Now is the time to shake off the dust that has accumulated since the Lenten Book Study.

If you do not have a book, we have one waiting for you.

The Fall Study will offer 2 options to grow in faith and happiness along with fellow members of our Shelby County Catholic Community.

The Sunday class begins on October 1st at 11:45-1:15 and the Wednesday class begins on October 4th at 7:00 – 8:30 and continues for 7 weeks.

The classes will meet in the basement/cafeteria of St. Joseph Church.

You may register after Mass on 9/16-17 or 9/23-24 or email Deacon Tom at thill@sjsshelbyville.org